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WINKO’S 23rd Anniversary Tourism

  To celebrate Winko’s 23 Anniversary of Establishments, on July 3rd this year, our company organized all the staff to climb Heng Mountain ( One of the Five Mountains in China).

On July 4th,, though it was raining in Heng Mountain, we laugh and sing all the way, enjoying the beautiful view, smelling the burning incense, listening to the melodious bell, moving the pious worship of tourist. After noontime, we arrived halfway up the hill, coming a sudden low temperature with raining and blowing wind. Anyway, this cannot stop our Winko Staff’s determination to continue to climb to the summit. Wearing the raincoat, helping each other with one heart, facing the rain and wind, we climbed step by step. With 4 hours, we finally got to the summit ( ZhuRong Summit), appreciated the different Heng Mountain in rain and wind. 

On July 5th, it clears up, weather better, we arrived the height of the Incense Nanyue Temple on a guide tour. Here we understood its long history and religious culture, appreciated the local customs and practices.